Alpacas of Indian Point Hills

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White Christmas!

We had a white Christmas this year for the first time in 7 years! This picture was taken Christmas Eve morning. It was beautiful out and the girls has clearly been outside for a while. They all had snow on their backs. They do have a nice warm dry barn to be in but unless it is bitterly cold with blowing wind they usually prefer to be out. The snow hardly penetrates their thick blanket of fiber and if you dig down in to the fiber you would likely find that they are dry at the skin.
Adora is the only girl looking at the camera. The rest are watching the little house dogs who just came out for a potty break. Even though we do this routine every day they still keep an eye on the dogs. The Pyrs live and move around with them without notice but little dogs are a different story!
I never get tired of watching and interacting with these gentle, wonderful, curious animals!

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