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Ashford Dealership

Very exciting news for Alpacas of Indian Point Hills! We have been approved for an Ashford dealership! We will now be able to retail spinning wheels, looms, felting supplies and yarns and fiber from Ashford in addition to our own yarn and fiber.

We will be scheduling some weaving classes soon!

Owl Always Love You felting class at Timberview Alpacas

Saturday I taught a felting class at the farm of Rick and Elizabeth Lord, Timberview Alpacas. We made a needle felted owl with a little heart in his wing for valentines day. We had a little wine and did a lot of felting!
Everyone's owls turned out great! I think they all had fun.
It looks like I will be back at Timberview tentatively in March for another class.
I think we will do a hummingbird. I'm working on the design and class plan now!
I'm having so much fun teac

Avacado Pitt Dye

I love being able to use things found in nature for dyeing. I had been wanting to try Avacado pitts so I've been saving them in the refrigerator for a few weeks.
I finally got around to it and I must say the results are fabulous.
I first cleaned and carded some white fiber. I had 9 pitts saved but I decided to go with 7 and hold back a couple. I know the more you throw in the dye pot the deeper the color saturation but as this was my first go of it I wasn't sure what to expect.

White Christmas!

We had a white Christmas this year for the first time in 7 years! This picture was taken Christmas Eve morning. It was beautiful out and the girls has clearly been outside for a while. They all had snow on their backs. They do have a nice warm dry barn to be in but unless it is bitterly cold with blowing wind they usually prefer to be out. The snow hardly penetrates their thick blanket of fiber and if you dig down in to the fiber you would likely find that they are dry at the skin.

Live Nativity

We were asked to participate in a live nativity at the Good Shepherd Lutheran church in Rochester, Illinois last night. It was a beautiful night. We took Rocky and Arrieta and they were a big hit with all. I wish we would have had a pen that fit in better, the metal looks out of place, but that is the only portable pen that we have. There is nothing better than a live nativity with the story of the birth of Jesus being told to get you in the holiday spirit. Hopefully we can participate agai

Felted Snowman Class

Saturday I held a needle felting class at the local library. The class made this cute little snowman. There were 7 participants and none had previous needle felting experience. It was also my first time teaching a class of this size. It went very well. Each snowman was unique and looked great. Most importantly I think all the participants had FUN!
Now I need to work on details for the next class.

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